Eaton is more than the products we invent and produce – the way we do business is just as important. At Eaton, our values and culture define who we are – both individually and as an organization – and direct our activities every day.

Our Core Values

We understand that our ability to achieve our performance goals depends on each of us embracing our core values:

Customer Orientation: We make our customers the focus of everything we do.
People: We recognize our people as our most valued resource.
Trust: We have confidence in the reliability of others to do the right thing.
Respect: We treat each other with respect and consideration.
Dignity: We honor the pride and self-esteem of others.
Integrity: We are honest and ethical.

“Excellence through People” is achieved when employees, managers and the company share certain key beliefs about our mutual responsibilities to one another. The Eaton Philosophy describes a culture in which employees can achieve their full potential to make exceptional contributions, confident that these will be welcomed and rewarded.
Over 1,000 Eaton employees from across the country – from the boardroom to the factory floor – worked together to define the Eaton Philosophy. And we mutually hold ourselves responsible for carrying it out wherever we do business:

Excellence: We strive to be the best.
Accountability: We keep our commitments.
Health and Safety: We are committed to the well being of all employees.
Inclusion: We value individual differences.
Communication: We communicate openly and honestly.
Compensation: We provide competitive pay and benefits.
Learning: We continuously learn, grow and change.
Innovation: We value new ideas.
Engagement: We are involved in our work and committed to Eaton’s future.
Environment and Communities: We strive to improve the environment and our communities.

It is our deep and collective commitment to this group of values and beliefs that differentiates our company from so many other high performance companies. We commit to both High Performance and Doing Business Right. A values-based approach to achieving high performance!

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