“There’s a lot of similarities between what [servicemen and women] do in the military and what the trucking industry does, and that’s regardless of what their military occupation or specialty is,” says Bill McLennan, CEO of FASTPORT.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Devin Tanner describes working as an over-the-road truck driver for TMC Transportation on the TV show Hiring America.

As fleets and trucking companies struggle to get and keep the drivers they need, many have been looking to lure U.S. military veterans into the fold — and they’re doing everything they can to make the connection. In one of the latest examples of reaching out to this community, trucking-specific hiring technology company FASTPORT has partnered with Hiring America, a TV show that helps veterans transition to civilian jobs.

Why this focus on veterans? Fleet companies say it’s a good mutual fit. In reporting on this topic, Fleet Owner has heard that veterans have built-in advantages when it comes to operating commercial vehicles and adapting to the truck driver lifestyle. It’s a highly regimented, structured job that often requires some time away from home, for example, and it could put you behind the wheel of serious machinery.

And veterans are familiar with those kinds of job parameters, notes Bill McLennan, CEO of FASTPORT. “They’re used to working around equipment that moves. They know how to train and be trained and the importance of staying current in their skill set,” he says on an episode of the show. “They’re mission-oriented; they know how to achieve an objective; they work outside in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions.

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